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ninechan is dead, long live ninechan!

ninechan was my first public programming project involving MySQL and I maintained it up to 2015, mainly to experiment with PHP. Since then I've moved on to larger projects and lost interest in ninechan. ninechan itself isn't a very impressive piece of software so it can easily be replicated as a beginner project if you're looking for something like this. The public source code repository for ninechan is now also gone as I'm cleaning up around places, all previously released versions are now available on the [Downloads] page. Version 2.1.0 is pretty much the final state of the repository before it got archived.

ninechan is completely dead as far as I'm concerned. I'm leaving this domain up for the sake of nostalgia because I have somewhat of a soft spot for this project. All boards except [Development] have been made read only. [Development] does get a lot of spam and I tend to only check here once every 4ish months so tread with caution. Any IP addresses associated with posts in spam threads will be permanently banned from viewing this website!

No support will be provided for any version of the script.

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